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WSU Terminates Employment of Pediatrician Dr. Moon for Speaking to Senate Committee
Dr. Moon shows blank COVID vaccine insert to Sen. Ron Johnson Roundtable
Dr. Moon shows blank COVID vaccine insert to Sen. Ron Johnson Roundtable

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Informed Choice Washington (ICWA) provides resources and advocacy for medical freedom, informed consent, scientific integrity in public health policy, and the elimination of vaccine mandates in Washington State. Our main focus is immunity to communicable infections.

We oppose all vaccine mandates, public and private, and we oppose incentivized medicine, which interferes with the doctor-patient relationship. We support naturally acquired immunity achieved through healthy lifestyle choices and early treatment protocols.

Education is critical to informed medical decision-making, and absolutely essential to freedom. Medical decisions should never be compelled by fear or coercion or undue influence. Vaccines are not magic elixirs. Vaccines are for-profit pharmaceutical products. With governments around the world shielding vaccine makers from liability for injuries, deaths, and unintended consequences, vaccines are now one of the most lucrative and competitive drug product categories, with the top-selling products each pulling in annual revenue in the billions. Hundreds of new vaccine products are in the pipeline.

Besides shielding vaccine makers from financial liability, governments around the world actively purchase, distribute, mandate, and market vaccines to their citizens. The very same regulatory agencies tasked with product safety oversight also depend upon funding from the pharmaceutical industry. The conflict of interest in the current system is unacceptable.

ICWA is dedicated to changing the current system so that scientific integrity in public health is established and the entire public health system includes checks and balances at every stage. “Because the CDC said so” is not a valid response from state and local public health officials.

To learn more and stay on top of medical freedom news and actions, we encourage you to visit our partner and affiliate organizations: Children’s Health Defense, Health Choice, Stand for Health Freedom, Coalition for Informed Consent, and The Unity Project.

Video by the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation