Pandemic Response Harms

Listening Session

by Truth and Accountability Project Washington (TAPWA)

DATE:    January 28, 2023
TIME:    2 – 5 pm (doors open at 1 pm)
LOCATION: Wenatchee Convention Center, 121 N. Wenatchee Ave, Wenatchee, WA 98801

Were you or your family harmed by the COVID-19 public health pandemic response? 

Was it by . . .

Vaccine Injuries?
Vaccine Mandates?
Hospital Protocols?
Lockdowns/Closures of Businesses, Schools, or Churches?
Forced Masking?


You are valued.  You are seen. 

Sharing your story can help the healing process.

The speaker lineup is starting to light up.
  • (Remote) Dr. Richard Amerling, internal medicine and nephrology specialist, Chief Academic Officer of the very new Wellness Company, which was founded by Dr. Peter McCullough.
  • A local pharmacist who left her career when they were forcing her to jab the children. She will explain what the powers that be did to her profession and the utter lack of informed consent.

You’ll hear from NBA Legend, John Stockton, a rising voice for medical freedom, and many other important voices from within our community.
Space is limited.  To preregister or request to tell YOUR story, please click the EventBrite link below:

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