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HB1333‘s, the dangerous bill creating a public-health-style surveillance and tracking spy system did not meet the House cutoff date and so stalled during the 2023 legislative session.

Although the bill could be reintroduced next session, we hope you will take a moment to celebrate this victory and congratulate yourself if you emailed, phoned, attended hearings, testified, and/or shared our calls to action. With the generous support of our donors, ICWA strives to keep you informed on critical bills, and the ultimate impact comes from YOUR advocacy efforts. Thank you!

We will continue to monitor legislation in Washington (see our Watch List HERE to follow our other bills for your attention) and will keep in touch. 


YOU are needed NOW to REJECT ESB5599

In 2023, the legislature passed ESB 5599 which allows the state to harbor runaway children and provide medicalized gender treatments without their parents’ knowledge or consent.

But thanks to the wisdom of our forefathers, the people of WA get to have the final say if they file a referendum to put a vote to the people.

200,000 Signatures are needed by July 15th on Referendum 101 in order to get it on the ballot. Referendum 101 asks voters to decide if ESB5599 should be approved or rejected.

From Children’s Health Defense:

Preserve National Sovereignty. Choose Freedom. Join The Great Freeset!

#TheGreatFreeset provides an opportunity to resist the centralization of power by international organizations like the WHO and is one of the alternatives to the World Economic Forum’s initiative known as The Great Reset. It is a chance to disrupt the WHO’s ongoing plans for global consolidation of power.