How to Get Active — Remotely!

The WA State Legislative Session ended April 25, 2021.

We did not lose any vaccine exemptions, and no laws passed requiring either Covid-19 vaccination or Vaccine identification/passports. Hurray!

But that does not mean we can rest. Exemptions and our personal medical freedoms have never been more at risk.

What does that mean for YOU?

It means NO EXCUSES!

Since meetings with your legislators are still being done mostly remotely, it has never been so easy to be actively involved from home!

Here are some tips on how you can be involved.

  1. Call and email your legislators and set e-meetings (or in person meetings, if your legislator is now doing them). (LINK to district finder.)
  2. Ask us for help and support! The ICWA Board and our Team Leaders and many members would love to help you prepare for meetings, and even attend with you if you want the support. Just ask! Send us an EMAIL.
  3. Take Action to Educate your family, friends, local community! Find items to print and distribute.
  4. If you legislators do not represent YOU, get active NOW finding and supporting candidates for future elections who do represent you. 
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