January 8, 2020: WA BOH Denied the Petition To Consider Adding Gardasil Injections To School Requirement

Update to original post (below): In a unanimous decision, the WA State Board of Health voted to deny the petition to consider adding the HPV vaccine to the school required list.

It is estimated that nearly a hundred concerned citizens showed up, filling the room to capacity, leaving some in the outside waiting area.  Dozens of parents provided public comment in opposition,  and the Board estimated that more than a thousand comments in opposition were submitted via email and online, and more were arriving. The comments included vaccine injuries, deaths, published science, the fraud trial, government overreach, and more.

Alarmingly, after hearing the public’s grave concerns over the serious safety issues of Merck’s  Gardasil HPV vaccine, WA State Chief Science Officer declared light-heartedly that the Department of Health believes the vaccine to be both safe and effective and would be looking for ways to increase their promotional efforts. Her statements brought gasps of shock from those in attendance, whose comments she utterly disregarded.

Board member Dr. Pendergrass also said the HPV vaccine was important to promote and said the Board would be looking for ways to help promote Gardasil — and of course this promotion would be at taxpayer expense. Merck rakes in billions annually in revenue from the sale of Gardasil, and taxpayers foot the marketing bill, and the cost of injuries (Gardasil is covered under the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, shielding Merck from injury and death claims), as well as the cost of recovering and caring for their children who have been injured.

The board’s denial of the petition, they said, was because HPV is not readily transmissible in a school setting, and while cervical cancer is an important disease, it is not a disease for which lack of vaccination should keep children from attending school. But they do intend to support promotion activities. In their Legislative Agenda, they wrote:

“The Board believes that immunizations reduce the incidence of vaccine preventable disease in our community, and protect those who are immunocompromised and those unable to be vaccinated. The Board would support legislation that reduces the number of children who are out of compliance with state immunization requirements, and efforts to increase immunization rates across all age groups. The Board would also support additional funding to increase school nurse capacity and improve access to and utilization of the Washington State Immunization Information System.”

The Board has been presented with current science showing the flaws of current vaccines on the market. They are well aware, for instance, that the pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine cannot prevent infection or the spread of infection and creates asymptomatic carriers who are unwitting carriers of infection to the immunocompromised. It is unacceptable and an abuse of state power for them to continue to ignore the scientific facts.

If you want this change, join us.

Below is our original post:

Despite worldwide protests and lawsuits against Merck’s controversial HPV vaccine Gardasil, the WA State Board of Health will be considering beginning the steps required to add HPV injections to the school required list at their January 8, 2020 meeting in Tumwater, WA. The meeting is open to the public, and there will be time for public comment. Comments can also be submitted via mail, email, and online.

The role of public health should not extend to the use of coercion to compel uptake of any pharmaceutical product. ICWA has been actively working to highlight the need to separate the Pharmaceutical Industry and Public Health Entities in order to restore medical freedom and fully informed medical consent. It is inappropriate for the Board of Health to even consider using state power to coerce the use of the controversial HPV vaccine.

Informed Choice WA provided copies of HPV VACCINE ON TRIAL to several members of the WA Board of Health. We provided copies to WA Secretary of Health John Wiesman (who is on the Board), and arranged a meeting with him that included Chief Science Officer Kathy Lofy, and WA DOH Immunization Director Michele Roberts, and two of the authors of HPV VACCINE ON TRIAL, attorneys Mary Holland and Kim Rosenberg, and Emily Tarsell, mother of a Christina, who died from Gardasil injuries. This meeting took place in April of 2019, and up-to-date disturbing evidence of the dangers of Gardasil were presented.

VAERS is the federal passive voluntary Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System that a Harvard Study found captures less than 1% of adverse events — yet that flawed system is all we have to attempt to quantify vaccine injuries. As of December 2019, the following have been reported to VAERS:

63,979 HPV vaccine-related adverse events

523 HPV vaccine-related deaths

Of those, 650 adverse events and two deaths, in girls aged 11 and 13, occurred in Washington State. Gardasil is covered under the 1986 National Vaccine Injury Compensation Act. Injuries and deaths must go through what’s known as “Vaccine Court”, a no-fault no-jury system where vaccine makers do not have to participate. Several cases have made it through the lengthy and arduous process with the preponderance of the scientific evidence leading to compensation of the victims.


  1. Ruling on Entitlement finding petitioner entitled to compensation based on an injury caused-in-fact by a covered vaccine on May 22, 2015. Encephalitis, intractable epilepsy, and subsequent developmental delayA lump sum payment of $1,428,188.00, representing compensation for lost earnings ($1,055,056.01), pain and suffering ($250,000.00), and life care expenses for Year One ($123,131.99)
  2. Petitioner had proven, by a preponderance of the evidence, that her sJIA (Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis) was caused by her HPV vaccinations. A lump sum payment of $1,274,658.50, representing compensation for life care expenses expected to be incurred during the first year after judgment ($37,793.01), lost earnings.
  3. Petitioner has put forth preponderant evidence that the HPV vaccine caused her to suffer a chronic autoimmune demyelinating illness. A lump sum payment of $1,473,004.35, representing compensation for life care expenses expected to be incurred during the first year after judgment ($260,249.52), lost earnings ($962,754.83), and pain and suffering ($250,000.00).

“Annual deaths from cervical cancer in the U.S. are 2.3/100,000. The death rate in the Gardasil clinical trials was 85/100,000—or 37 times that of cervical cancer . . . According to Gardasil’s package insert, women are 100 times more likely to suffer a severe event following vaccination with Gardasil than they are to get cervical cancer.Children’s Health Defense

Between evidence of fraud and mounting scientific studies, the case against Gardasil is massive. Why is it all being ignored by WA State Public Health officials?

Likely because the multi-million dollar marketing campaigns, funded by Merck (more than $3 billion in Gardasil sales in 2018) and the CDC, are even more massive, saturating every level of Public Health. Neither Merck nor the CDC are responsible for injuries or deaths caused by Gardasil — they only collect the profits. The CDC collects profits from the sale of every Gardasil vaccine because they hold patents to key components. They have refused to release just how much they have made despite Freedom of Information Act Requests. When the same government agency that profits from a product is also in charge of promoting that product and monitoring it for safety, there is an irreconcilable conflict of interest.

There is no public health crisis.

HPV is a sexually transmitted infection that is not caught in public settings such as daycare or school.

HPV infections are very common, mostly symptom-free, and naturally clear on their own 95% of the time.

HPV infections alone rarely lead to cancer. Other factors, such as smoking, must be present.

HPV vaccines have not been proven to prevent any type of cancer.

HPV vaccines were never tested against inert saline placebos.

HPV vaccines don’t eliminate the need for proper screening and treatment.

HPV screening and treatment are highly successful at preventing and treating associated cancers.

ICWA urges everyone who values medical freedom, informed consent, and ethical public health policies to IMMEDIATELY send a comment to the WA State Board of Health, and if possible, attend the January 8th meeting in Tumwater.

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