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Support HB 1442!

ICWA is pleased to announce that our Epidemic & Pandemic Preparedness Bill has been filed by Representative Rob Chase. HB 1442 is a complete revision of the current pandemic preparedness law and addresses many of the concerns regarding the state’s response to COVID-19.  HB 1442: Protects businesses and premises owners by declaring that a duty …

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Support HB 1305!

HB 1305 is a Right to Refuse Bill that protects WA State Citizens from government overreach into personal medical decisions. The bill states: Regardless of laws, rules, orders, or directives made or promulgated in response to an emergency, including but not limited to a national security emergency, statewide emergency, local or other health emergency, or …

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Support HB 1065!

ICWA is pleased to announce that our bill regarding COVID-19 vaccines has now been pre-filed by Representative Carolyn Eslick!  House Bill 1065 will, if passed: ban any public or private entity from requiring any pandemic or epidemic vaccine, including a COVID-19 vaccine, as a condition for anything, including employment, schooling, or use of transportation, if …

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