Alarming Ineptitude by WA DOH Vaccine Advisory Committee

The short clip below is from the December 31, 2020 WA State Department of Health Vaccine Advisory Committee Meeting.

While members of the public found much to be concerned about, the following are particularly alarming:

  • Committee members seemed to have no concern at all about exposure of pregnant women and their unborn children to the Pfizer or Moderna investigational mRNA vaccines, despite the lack of any safety data.
  • In response to a question regarding the administration of a Pfizer or Moderna investigational mRNA vaccine for an individual who had recently had been ill with COVID-19, two committee members suggest timing, saying there is no concern for harm or increased risk of adverse reactions. For educated members of the public in attendance, this made no sense since the FDA has acknowledged that “disease enhancement” otherwise known as “pathogenic priming” is a possible and plausible very serious adverse reaction that has not yet been evaluated.
  • A third committee member then provides information that he had been informed of “a lot” of Grade 3 adverse reactions to the investigational mRNA vaccines in those who had recently experienced lab-confirmed COVID-19. He says he has spoken about this to the CDC, and was told the CDC was not specifically tracking adverse outcomes in those who had previously had COVID-19. This news is even more alarming. Why is the CDC not tracking these adverse reactions which Dr. Fauci himself said months ago such reactions had always prevented the development of a safe coronavirus vaccine in the past? Where is the transparency and adherence to principles of safety we were promised?

Below is a clip of the Public Comments given at the meeting, including those by ICWA’s Public Policy Director, Bernadette Pajer.

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