WA State Employee Covid Shot Mandate Filed


August 5 UPDATE: Governor Inslee updated his COVID-19 vaccine directive mandate. He is still directing OFM and other agencies/boards/institutions to mandate primary series of COVID shots for their employees, but instead of mandating all boosters, he is directing that booster incentives be put in place. Incentives are a form of coercion and undue influence. Using taxpayer money to bribe individuals to get a medical intervention is unethical, and considering Governor Inslee knows the shots come with the risk of cardiac injury, it seems criminal.

August 4 UPDATE: Deadline has passed for written comment, but you can attend the audio-only virtual hearing on Thursday, August 11, 2022. Here’s how to join the call. You might be able to comment at this meeting.

As we wrote last week, Washington’s Office of Financial Management (OFM) has quietly given notice of new rules, to be adopted in less than a month, that will require most Washington State civil service employees to be “fully vaccinated” for Covid in perpetuity, including all CDC-recommended boosters. This means that after the “Emergency” officially ends in WA, for state employees, the shot mandates will not.

This attempt to circumvent the Legislature to create adult mandates outside of emergency edicts is unprecedented and must be stopped!

Informed Choice Washington opposes all vaccine mandates for all vaccines in all situations. Medical interventions are personal decisions, period.

Why is OFM mandating Covid shots? They claim their goal is to protect public health, but that flies in the face of known facts.

  • The number of deaths and adverse reactions reported to VAERS is unprecedented.
  • Natural immunity is proven superior.
  • Studies show that Covid shots can cause “original antigenic sin” or “imprinting.” This means they ultimately increase risk of infection as variants emerge. New product formulations are likely unable to overcome new variants.
  • These liability-free products do not stop infection or transmission; the workplace would not be any less infectious than any other space.
  • A mandate would be counterproductive and harmful to public health.

Not only would these mandates be unscrupulous and destructive, they would be expensive.

  • Implementation and maintenance of these policies across many agencies would require a tremendous expenditure of resources, both initially and on an ongoing basis.
  • Many exemplary employees would leave their jobs, representing an additional waste of resources with respect to the training and experience that would be lost, as well as the efforts needed to recruit and onboard new workers.

The noble attorneys at Silent Majority Foundation and Pacific Justice Institute and Joy Lockerby of Lockerby Law, PLLC, together with ICWA, submitted a lengthy comment. See the pages below. Thank you to our action team members who heeded our call and also submitted comments by the August 4 deadline.

Please join the OFM’s virtual hearing on Thursday, August 11, 2022 to listen, and better yet, to testify. Here’s how to join the call.

Earlier this year, the Board of Health deferred to the immense public outcry against the proposal to add the shots to the daycare and K-12 “required” list. We must be assertive in stopping the OFM’s assault before it escalates further; we must speak up for our state civil servants now.

ICWA’S board submitted a comment to OFM.

ICWA to OFM re Covid shot rules

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Joint comment to OFM, submitted by Silent Majority Foundation

Joint Comment re Covid shot rules

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