Washington Prepares for Contentious April 13 State Board of Health Meeting

Agenda includes possible vote on moving forward with the rulemaking process to add COVID-19 shots to school entry requirements.

KIRKLAND, WA, USA, April 7, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Informed Choice Washington (ICWA) announced expectations that the Washington State Board of Health (BOH) will receive unprecedented public scrutiny during its meeting on April 13 when it votes on whether to proceed with the rulemaking process to add COVID-19 shots to K-12 school attendance requirements.

Prior to COVID-19, there were only a few occasions when the BOH received significant volumes of public comment and attendance at its meetings. Since COVID-19, the general public has become aware of the work of the BOH, and this led to the submission of tens of thousands of pages of comments, and at one meeting, more than 7,000 individuals signed up for oral comment. The subject of adding COVID-19 shots to K-12 school requirements is expected to continue to draw exceptionally high attention from Washingtonians.

This upcoming BOH vote follows three recent Technical Advisory Group (TAG) meetings, which culminated in a recommendation against adding the shots. All information presented to the TAG regarding COVID-19 was provided by other public health agencies and entities closely aligned with a singular perspective. This demonstrates that public health’s own data does not support school mandates.

The BOH will now consider the TAG’s recommendation. If they decide not to follow it, they would initiate rulemaking to revise the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) to reflect the new requirement. Several steps are involved in the rulemaking process, including filing notice with the Washington Code Reviser and providing opportunities for public comment. In Washington State, children are already mandated 25 shots for 11 diseases by the age of 12 per WAC 246-105-030.

. . . these new shots only subject children to risk since studies show that most children have already experienced the infection and are now naturally immune.”

— Bob Runnells

When asked about the importance of the upcoming BOH decision, Bob Runnells, membership director at ICWA, said, “I expect the amount of awareness surrounding recent meetings will continue through the April meeting and beyond. The Washington State Board of Health members really need to be reminded that these new shots only subject children to risk since studies show that most children have already experienced the infection and are now naturally immune. There is no reason to mandate this liability-free medical procedure in order to access daycare or school.”

ICWA reviewed the nine criteria by which the BOH reviews antigens (vaccines) for inclusion in school attendance requirements. In summary, ICWA found that the COVID-19 shots do not meet any of the nine criteria since they do not prevent infection or transmission, and any protection provided to the individual wanes rapidly. Additionally, they found that historically high numbers of adverse events and deaths have been reported to the federal Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), many of them within a time window indicating temporal association, which in the scientific method is an indication of possible causality. ICWA’s full review can be found at https://informedchoicewa.org/news/icwa-review-of-covid-19-shots/

Informed Choice Washington urges all concerned citizens to submit comments to the BOH (wsboh@sboh.wa.gov) before noon Friday, April 8. ICWA offers a guide to writing effective comments at https://informedchoicewa.org/news/guide-to-effective-public-comments/.

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