CDC Webinar Misinforms about Missing Information

A Recent CDC Webinar Spotlights Their Marketing Strategies for Misinforming the Public About Missing Information

Here at Informed Choice WA, we provide the “missing information” — the things Public Health Agencies and those administering vaccines don’t tell consumers or practitioners who administer vaccines.  It’s not “our” science that we provide  — it’s FDA, CDC, & HHS funded and directed research, as well as science from highly respected published studies around the world (from sources like the journal VACCINE and the New England Journal of Medicine), and manufacturers own clinical trials.

Public Health Agencies devote millions of taxpayer dollars toward something they call “vaccine hesitancy” (and that we call medical due diligence), teaching practitioners psychological manipulation techniques to overcome what they call “misinformation.”

In their webinar, the CDC manages to deliver this marketing technique  without ever defining or detailing “misinformation.” This intentional omission has the effect of categorizing anything critical of vaccines as “misinformation”.  The assumption in the techniques taught to providers is that for all vaccines, for all individuals, getting vaccinated is the right choice, and that any consumer who questions the product or procedure in any way is simply misguided. This dangerous messaging leaves no room for personalized medicine, product flaws, individual risk, new science or findings on products and their use, or a host of other factors that must go into any risk-benefit decision. It is reckless and irresponsible to market any pharmaceutical in this fashion–and the only reason it can be done is that nobody is responsible for vaccine injuries or deaths that occur with children, pregnant women, their unborn children, and many adults.**

As informed consumers, it’s important for Americans to be able to spot marketing-messaging in order to separate the  hype from the facts of the products being promoted.  Never forget that most vaccines fall under the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act and are highly profitable, liability-free products that come with the risk of injury and death, that don’t provide complete, long-lasting or lifetime protection, and that often don’t prevent the spread of infection and so cannot be relied upon to protect the immunocompromised. You will find cited facts about this here at Informed Choice WA.

It’s not misinformation, it’s the missing information.

Watch the Webinar below to learn what medical providers are being taught.

Download the presentation slides.

**the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act removed liability for injury or death due to any vaccine on the CDC Pediatric Schedule, even if those vaccines are administered to adults. Vaccines recommended to pregnant women and their unborn children were added to this protective umbrella in 2016 under the 21st Centuries Cures Act. There are hundreds of vaccines in the development pipeline, many of them aimed at pregnant women.

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