First 7 months of life in Aluminum Toxicity

An infant in the United States on the CDC Schedule is expected to be in aluminum toxicity 70% of their first 7 months of life. This is during critical phases of immune and neurological development.

An important new paper published in the Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology Volume 58, March 2020 (available now online) examines the amount of aluminum children are injected with when following the CDC’s pediatric vaccine schedule, a modified schedule, and Dr. Paul Thomas’s Vaccine Friendly Plan.

The paper alarmingly finds that infants on the full schedule spend much of their first two years of life in a state of aluminum toxicity. How this impacts each child varies, based on genetics and individual aluminum clearance ability, with some children experiencing much higher risk.

“Because the aluminum dosage is the same regardless of how well aluminum is cleared from the body, the maximum exposure vs the recommended limit does not change based on different assumptions about aluminum retention. Biology (genetics) however may place some individuals at a risk of higher chronic toxicity.”

Why should parents be concerned?

“Aluminum toxicity from vaccines can be expected to be increased from other exposures such as aluminum in food and aluminum used to buffer drinking water. Individual infants with incompletely closed intestinal barriers, or with autoimmune gastric and intestinal lesions may be experiencing much higher doses of aluminum than a pediatrician may be aware. Aluminum has now been found in the brains of individuals who have died with various diagnoses, including multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s diseases and autism spectrum disorder. Whole-body aluminum toxicity is important because aluminum affects the brain, bones, parathyroid, spleen, kidneys, and, of course, the immune system. Of these compartments, brain clearance of aluminum is the slowest . . .”

Read the full study HERE.

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