Healthy & Vaccine-Free (1)

Testimonial Submitted by J.C. of Washington State

We have 2 very healthy vaccine-free children. I believed in most vaccines until divine intervention at my oldest’s 2 month visit. I asked for the inserts and that was the beginning of my research.

We keep their immune systems healthy by using herbal remedies such as elderberry for prevention and treatment of minor illnesses like colds and flu, feeding them healthy, non-GMO and organic foods, and giving them methylated vitamins because of their genetic susceptibilities. Our children rarely get sick, average of once a year, maybe, and when they do it’s a very minor cold or a fever that lasts less than 24-48 hours. There was one incident when our oldest was 2 when our entire household got the flu. She was the last to get it and the first to get over it. We used elderberry and lukewarm baths and made sure she was getting enough fluids, and she was only sick for 2 days. The rest of us (vaccinated through adulthood) were sick for 10 days.

We have never had to take our children to a doctor for anything besides their regular checkups with their holistic pediatrician. They have no chronic illnesses, have never needed antibiotics, no ear infections ever. Their health is exceptional compared to mine and their father’s. Even when they are constantly exposed to germs since they attend public school, they are almost never sick. The health of our non-vaccinated children simply cannot be denied – we are living it.

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