Influenza Vaccines and COVID-19

Influenza Vaccines and COVID-19

by the Home Vaccine Education Network

What connects the countries of Belgium, Peru, the UK, Spain, Italy, Chile, Sweden, the US, Mexico, and France?  These countries, the top ten in COVID-19 mortality (as of August 24, 2020, according to Johns Hopkins), all injected more than 49% of their elderly populations with the flu vaccine.  This stands in stark contrast to the countries on the low end, with fatality rates/popuation up to four orders of magnitude smaller: Rwanda, Thailand, Mozambique, Sri Lanka, Papau New Guinea, Uganda, Tanzania, Taiwan, and Vietnam – with the exception of a 49% vaccination rate in Taiwan, the flu vaccination rates in these countries is extremely low.  While one might object that these countries may lack in testing ability, careful serological study of multiple countries in Africa has shown that while in fact many cases were missed, this is because the residents were in fact not very ill – while the number of individuals with COVID antibodies in Kenya, for example, was similar to Spain, the hospitals were never overwhelmed and excess deaths were not reported.   However we look at the data – either between or within continents – higher rates of flu vaccination clearly appears to transform large numbers of COVID cases from mild to severe disease.  As flu vaccines are being pushed aggressively and even mandated in fall 2020, it is critical for citizens and medical professionals to review the issue.

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