Taxpayer Dollars Spent Fighting Vaccine Safety Advocacy

Why Are Taxpayer Dollars Spent Fighting Vaccine Safety Advocacy?

Why are all groups or individuals who discuss flaws and problems with vaccine products or immunization policies labelled as anti-vaccine by Public Health agencies and their employees? Why does Public Health have zero interest in improving product safety or looking at unintended consequences of their policies?

In 2017, the WA State Department of Health drafted this “Increasing Anti-Vaccine Activism Challenges Resources BRIEFING PAPER.” It is a beautiful resumé of the early efforts of Informed Choice WA and safety reform/medical freedom advocates to dialogue with elected and public health officials. The very first item in the briefing reads like double-speak from a dystopian novel.

“Anti-vaccine activism has become more visible, coordinated and disruptive at local, state, national and international levels. This likely reflects heightened activity because of several things:

• Outbreaks of disease (like mumps and pertussis) in highly vaccinated populations, which can contribute to uncertainty about vaccine effectiveness.”

Why, yes. Outbreaks of infection in individuals who have had many doses of the vaccines targeting those infections just might indicate a problem with vaccine effectiveness, and raise some very important questions about product design, administration, and policies regarding them.

A close look at how the immunization department at the DOH is run, and the individuals in various positions, reveals that this agency is not designed to protect citizens by diligently following the latest science and keeping the public informed of all aspects of vaccine products and their use, but to support the goals of the pharmaceutical industry.

Michele Roberts, director of Immunization and Child Profile, is also chair elect of AIM, the Association of Immunization mangers, which is a collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry. Read More Here.

Conflict of interest for those working in public health is not motivated on the personal level by greed but by perceived good. Drug companies control the information taught and disseminated everywhere, from universities to major media. Public-private partnerships have immersed those working in public health in rhetoric devoted to the hero-worship of vaccines so deeply, even when a flawed vaccine design has been revealed to have negative impacts on the health of public spaces, they cannot and will not admit it or change direction.

This corporate capture of Public Health must stop.

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