Hepatitis B

For children living in a developed nation and born to mothers who test negative for HepB, the risk of acquiring Hepatitis B in infancy and early childhood is almost non-existent. With the benefits of the vaccine negligible for the individual child, it leaves them only with the risks.

We recommend reading J.B. Handley’s article:

New Study: Hep B vaccine “may have adverse implications for brain development and cognition”

And note the new adult HepB vaccine, Heplisav-B, contains a novel adjuvant never used in humans before. Heplisav-B was not tested for safety in clinical trials for use with other adjuvanted vaccines. It is unknown what will happen if an individual receives Heplisav-B at the same time as another vaccine with a different type of adjuvant. Adjuvants are ingredients added to provoke a strong immune response. Safety signals for Heplisav-B included increased risk of heart attack.

The ACIP meeting reviewing the data before the unanimous vote, and the issues brought up after the vote, reveals the committee is comfortable handing the general public to pharmaceutical companies as test subjects without informed consent. The organization LearnTheRisk compiled important sections of the meeting in this video:

And the full meeting is here:




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