Learning Objectives


Five hours of Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are available to Chiropractors and Naturopaths.


➥Dr. Zach Bush:

BIO: Zach Bush MD is one of the few triple board-certified physicians in the country – with expertise in Internal Medicine, Endocrinology and Metabolism, and Hospice/Palliative care. The breakthrough science that Dr Bush and his colleagues have delivered offers profound new insights into human health and longevity.  His educational efforts provide a foundation for a grassroots movement to transform our business and legislative environments, and ultimately up-shift consumer behavior to bring about radical change in the mega industries of big farming, big pharma, and Western medicine at large.


First Presentation: The Soil Microbiome, Ground Zero of our Modern Disease Epidemics

 Abstract: The exponential rise in the prevalence of chronic disease in the developed world is staggering, and threatens the financial and political stability of the developed nations around the world.  In the US, 46% of our children now carry a chronic disease diagnosis.  This is in stark contrast to the chronic disease burden of 4% in the US population (including all ages) in the 1960s. Research from around the globe suggests that a combination of genomic, autoimmune, nutritional, and environmental factors are now contributing to the collapse of health in our children and adults.  Not surprisingly, the diseases in our domesticated animals – from pets to livestock – have followed a similar trajectory.  While this may seem overwhelming, the fact that each of these systems seemed to approach collapse at the same time, would suggest that there is a root cause event that has setoff the cascade of systemic complications. This talk explores the role of the microbiome and agriculture system as ground zero of this humanitarian crisis, providing new insights for consumers and health practitioners alike.

Closing Talk: A Consumer Driven Revolution to Recover our Health and Immunity

Abstract: The beginning of health is increasingly understood to involve the myriad of relationships between the Gut-Brain systems. The continued development of our understanding of the microbiome and its direct and indirect roles on the anatomy and function of our immune and neuroendocrine systems function has revealed the microbiome as ground zero for health and disease.  Dr Bush lays out our opportunity to reorient consumer behavior and the medical paradigm to align with mother nature’s template for life that is maintained through the cooperative diversity in our micro- and macro-ccosystems for a viable future for our children and planet.  This is not just science, this is a rallying call to action for the survival and transformation of our human species.


➥Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt

BIO: Dr. Klinghardt studied medicine & psychology in Freiburg, Germany, completing his PhD on the involvement of the autonomic nervous system in autoimmune disorders. Early in his career he became interested in the health consequences of chronic toxicity (especially lead, mercury, environmental pollutants & electromagnetic fields) for the course of illness. Dr. Klinghardt has contributed significantly to the understanding of metal toxicity & its connection with chronic infections, illness & pain. He has been instrumental in advancing various fields within biological medicine – non-invasive pain management, injection techniques for pain & orthopedic dysfunction, anti-aging medicine, toxicology, pediatrics (neuro-developmental disorders), energy psychology, biological dentistry, & others. He founded Sophia Health Institute in 2012, and is actively involved in patient care at his clinic.


Presentation: The 7 factors of immune dysregulation – how to avoid the unseen damaging influences behind chronic illness.

Dr. Klinghardt will provide attendees with insight into the 7 factors of immune dysregulation that are at the root of chronic illness.  Through an examination of these factors, attendees will understand how Dr. Klinghardt’s model of medicine is able to address the true cause of disease. Topics include chronic infections, environmental toxicity, genetic susceptibilities, nutrition, lifestyle, and more.

➥Dr. Thomas Cowan

BIO: Dr. Tom Cowan discovered his life’s purpose while teaching gardening as a Peace Corps volunteer in Swaziland, South Africa, when he read Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A. Price, as well as Rudolf Steiner’s work on biodynamic agriculture. These events inspired him to pursue a medical degree. Dr. Cowan graduated from Michigan State University College of Human Medicine in 1984. After his residency in Family Practice at Johnson City Hospital in Johnson City, New York, he set up a medical practice in Peterborough, New Hampshire. Dr. Cowan relocated to San Francisco in 2003. He is the principal author of the book The Fourfold Path to Healing,  the co-author of The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby & Child Care, and the newly released Vaccines, Autoimmunity, and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illness.


Presentation: Normal Immune Function and Vaccination Interference

Attendees will develop an understanding of normal immune development and the role that vaccines play in interfering with this normal development. Specific covered  include: Fever and Acute Disease, Autoimmunity and the Gut, Rethinking Cell Biology, the impact of specific vaccines, Autoimmune treatment protocols, and the Autoimmune diet.

➥RN Andreanna Rainville (aka Nurse Andi)

BIO: Andreanna Rainville or Nurse Andi is a practicing nurse and certified herbalist with over 20 years of experience. She has successfully treated patients who have multi-factorial issues with cutting-edge holistic medicine  on issues of chronic illness and infection, detoxification, fertility, mold and biotoxin syndromes, Autism, PANDAS, and many other pediatric specialties, including pain management, nutrition, Low Dose Antigen and Immunotherapy and psychoneuroimmunology .She offers in-person and long distance sessions for all ages, pediatric through geriatric. She is located in the Seattle area, but she also offers long-distance appointments.


Presentation: Genetics, Epigenetic, and the Five Levels of Healing

A discussion of Genetics vs Epigenetics in Immunity will guide attendees to an understanding of how to optimize healthy outcomes. The discussion includes: Methods of screening the body and the environment, Helpful Labs, Miasm project, & Nutrients key for immunity. Attendees will be introduced to the 5 levels of healing according to Dr. Klinghardt: Physical body, Electrical body, Mental body, Intuitive body, and Spiritual body. Finally, attendees will be provided with immune boosting strategies on each level.

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