ALERT: WA DOH launched a “Digital COVID-19 Verification” System

On November 23, while the general public was busy preparing for Thanksgiving, the WA State Department of Health (DOH) issued a press release disclosing they had launched a Digital COVID-19 Verification system.

Without any legislative oversight or approval, without any public comment period, the “DOH’s Office of Innovation and Technology, working closely with partners at MITRE, Microsoft, and the state of California, stood up WA Verify.”

Microsoft needs no explanation for its ties to global interests, but MITRE is far less well known. MITRE is a supposed nonprofit claiming to work for “public interests” but it is deeply tied to U.S. military and intelligence agencies and individuals and runs on federal funding. Two of their board members, Halverson and Noseworthy, are connected to the World Economic Forum (WEF). WEF is a leading force behind the Great Reset that aims to eliminate personal property and put control of all aspects of life in the hands of corporate globalists. WEF supports governments implementing digital identification systems “To prepare for emerging regulation.

The WA DOH says “The state will not be implementing a mandatory passport system” but that’s a misleading statement. A mandatory passport system is not necessary for vaccine mandates to be declared or enforced, as they already have been in WA State for many workers. The WA Verify system supports public and private vaccine mandates and makes it easier for mandates to be expanded and enforced.

With the DOH working closely with MITRE, the state’s system will coordinate with other systems set up in the U.S. and around the world, as they join others in VCI, the MITRE-affiliated coalition promoting the use of the SMART Health Card System that uses QR codes. A small sampling of other MITRE-connected systems in place:

  1. California
  2. Oregon (in progress)
  3. New York
  4. Virginia
  5. Louisiana
  6. Canada

Ignoring COVID-19 vaccine failure to prevent infection or transmission, despite unprecedented levels of reported vaccine injuries and deaths, and despite the dire warnings of independent doctors and scientists about short and longterm health dangers, governments and global interests continue on with their goal to get a shot in every arm and to track, trace, restrict, and control every person on the planet through an integrated digital system.

Nothing COVID-19 related in WA State is being directed locally. From the early days of the Gates Foundation and IDMOD dictating the state’s response to today’s mandates issued through the governor, WA State is being controlled by outside global powers.

Representative government is non-existent.

As ICWA warned pre-COVID — the number one enemy to public health is the corporate-globalist captured PUBLIC HEALTH System.

What can YOU do?

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