Corporate Capture of Public Health & COVID-19

ICWA and other medical freedom organization around the world have been warning of the dangers of the public-private collaboration in public health that has led to the capture and control of public policy design and direction by industries that stand to profit. When it comes to vaccines, drug companies profit without the burden of injury or death liability due to the 1986 NCVIA, and now with Covid vaccines, the PreP Act.

The response to COVID-19 has revealed just how dangerous this is. With the Gates Foundation running the response in many states directly through their IDMOD organization, as well as through the UW’s IHME and the consulting firm McKinsey, and countless other entanglements, we have seen state governors and state public health agencies ignore all information, insight, and data, except what is coming from the globalist-industrial camp.

This capture is so complete, they boast about it:

“The COVID-19 vaccination campaign will be historic and aggressive,” says Mitchel Rothholz, chief of governance and state affiliates at the American Pharmacists Association.”

States are now issuing COVID-19 vaccination plans, and those plans are being designed in part by the following:

Association of State and Territorial Health Officials 
American Pharmacists Association 
American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy 
American Immunization Registry Association 
American Medical Association 
American Society for Consultant Pharmacists 
American Society of Health-System Pharmacists 
Association of Immunization Managers 
Big Cities Health Coalition 
Healthcare Distribution Alliance 
Immunization Action Coalition 
National Alliance of State Pharmacy Associations 
National Association of Boards of Pharmacy 
National Association of Chain Drug Stores 
National Association of Community Health Centers 
National Association of County and City Health Officials 
National Community Pharmacists Association 
National Governors Association 
National Indian Health Board

Some of the above have obvious conflicts of interests in that they profit directly by the sale, distribution, and administration of vaccines. Others are organizations that have direct ties with the pharmaceutical industry and published goals to maximize all vaccination and restrict or eliminate all non-medical exemptions.

All of this for-profit collaboration — all the organizing, marketing, mandating, and distributing, and even much of the R&D for the products themselves, is being funded by taxpayers.

There will NOT be a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine. The latest reports on the product candidates are they will not protect you from becoming sick, they may reduce your symptoms, but the studies are not even designed to tell if they reduce hospitalizations or deaths. No drug product can be safety tested in a few months or even a year or two–many years are required. You can’t speed the unfolding of adverse reactions and emerging chronic health issues, and the known potential risks are very concerning, such as the adenovirus vector platform candidates increase risk of HIV, and the mRNA candidates with PEG and lipid nanoparticles.

With a recovery rate exceeding 99%, and with safe, inexpensive treatments available now to reduce hospitalizations and deaths, a vaccine is not even needed for this infection. Why are they pushing so hard, so fast, and ignoring the facts?

It’s time we all joined together to say NO to this corporate capture of our public health system. We’ve got a lot of work to do, but it begins with saying NO to public health programs and plans that violate our medical freedom and our civil liberties. It begins with education. Learn all you can about those controlling this nation’s response to Covid and share that knowledge with others in any way you can.