Guillain-Barré Syndrome Added to Warning to GSK’s Shingles Vaccine

The FDA has required GSK to add the warning that post-marketing observational studies revealed an increased risk of Guillain-Barré Syndrome in recipients of their shingles vaccine Shingrix, although as per usual, GSK is not required to do anything about it, other than include it on the insert.

Vaccine manufacturers are not required to take any steps to determine causation or biological mechanisms of injury of their products that can lead to the syndrome. Because of this, vaccine proponents will say “just because it’s on the insert, doesn’t mean it’s really caused by the vaccine.”

Vaccine manufacturers are also not required to improve the safety of their products as reports of adverse events mount.

Once vaccines are made available to the general public, the only “science” done is observational and retrospective, with the health outcomes of those who happened to be captured in limited medical facilities serving as the data. Most health outcomes to vaccination are unrecorded, unreported, unknown.

The science of vaccine injury has been ignored for decades. We are in a regulatory “don’t research, don’t find, don’t admit” limbo.

With vaccines, every dose is “buyer beware.” Are there alternatives to vaccines to avoid infections? Or to avoid poor outcomes to infections? Yes. Healthy immunity solutions exist. For shingles, here is one doctor’s guidance for natural prevention.

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