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July 15 Episode of An Informed Life Radio Notes and Links

Guest: Anne Dachel 

Guest: Dr. Denise Sibley

Protesters Unleash Their Anger at Governor Inslee at Bellingham Technical College

My personal account by Gerald Braude

After Natalie Fedorowich-Chavez handed me a banner that read, “Informed Choice WA,” I learned from her that this spot couldn’t be a more fitting place for this BeBrave protest of Governor Jay Inslee’s mandates, notably his June 30, 2022 Directive for all employees of Washington State Executive and Small-Cabinet Agencies to receive three doses of the COVID-19 shots, and all subsequent recommended boosters. 

For here on Lindbergh Avenue, next to the H Building at Bellingham Technical College on March 13, 2021, the group did its first protest of the COVID-19 shots. The college had hosted a community vaccine clinic here for about four months. 

Now here on July 13, 2022, about two dozen protesters from BeBraveWashington and WeWillWhatcom gathered on the cement and squinted under the blazing sun as they awaited for Inslee’s scheduled 2:15 arrival to address Nursing and Allied Health Program students inside the H Building. At times, a campus employee would open one of the doors for the entering students. 

Protesters in front of the H Building at Bellngham Technical College

As I held up the Informed Choice WA banner, other protesters held up signs and banners as well. Some of them read as follows: 

+ My Governor Is an Idiot

+ Real Emergency Is Totalitarianism (on the back of a cardboard box)

+ Vaccine Makers Are Exempt from Liability

+ Stand for Health Freedom

+ Medical Privacy Matters

+ Stop Medical Discrimination Now

+ Freedom Not Fear

Gerald Braude holds up an Informed Choice WA sign while standing next to a sewer that marks the imaginary line that protesters are not allowed to cross. Behind him, a Bellingham Technical College gatekeeper stands in front of the entrance door for attendees of Governor Inslee’s speech to the nursing students.

Pamela held up a sign that included a photo of her son, Phillip Carron. Next to her, Phillip’s fiancé, Ashley Wines, passed out copies of an Epoch Times article titled, “Families Unite to Call Out Questionable Hospital Protocols That Lead to Deaths.”

Phillip was a real estate agent in Bellingham who had become a sales manager and senior vice president of NW Premium Homes just before being admitted to the hospital on September 23, 2021 for COVID-19. According to Ashley, Phillip encountered discrimination because of not being vaccinated for COVID-19. The Epoch Times article she gave me quoted her as saying, “When I tried to drop off some food, one nurse yelled at me, telling me that because he was unvaccinated, he was going to die and that he’s not going to be eating or drinking for the rest of the time he’s here.” While Phillip was on the ventilator for fifteen days, he lost eighty-six pounds. “Every single doctor was nasty,” Ashley said in the article. “They told us it was his fault because he was not vaccinated.”

The article further stated that initially Phillip was going to be kept  for observation, but after he denied vaccination, he was put on morphine overnight, which Ashley said increases respiratory distress. Three days later, the doctors gave Phillip one dose of remdesivir, and he went into complete liver failure. He died one day later on October 14, 2021.   

Their case is detailed in the Covid-19 Humanity Betrayal Memory Project section here: Ashley Wines’s Story – The FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation

The web site shows the following medications given: Remdesivir, Steroids, Vancomycin, heparin, anxiety meds, insulin, fentynal, sodium chloride, pain killers, morphine, Ativan, antibiotics, propofol, midazolam, paralytic drugs, dexamethasone, baricitinib, sedatives, adrenaline, Lasix, vasopressin, lovenox, precedex. 

The web site’s questionnaire asked whether the victim was informed of remdesivir’s emergency use authorization status. Ashley answered, “No.” On the questionnaire form, Ashley, who is a nursing student and has worked in hospices, wrote the following: “Nurses said unvaccinated get what they deserve, not care for properly, lack of compassion, nurses didn’t wash hands, didn’t check his alarm for hours.” In large print on the web site, Phillip’s mother stated the following: “ ‘He should have been vaccinated two weeks ago,’ the nurse said. Who says that to a Mom.”

Ashley and Pamela informed me that their COVID-19 death story was just one of about two hundred being gathered by the FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation (FFFFF) through its COVID-19 Humanity Betrayal Memory Project. Dr. Peter McCullough, the renowned cardiologist, is the president of FFFFF, which is comprised of former federal agents, prosecutors, lawyers, medical professionals, researchers, and volunteers. 

At this point, we learned that Governor Inslee had entered through the entrance on the other side of the building. About one-third of the protesters drifted toward that entrance. After the protesters talked for a little while about shedding and creating a suitable chant, I followed the drifters to the other side of the building. I arrived at an open court of curved, cement benches and lavender bushes.

Protesters in the open court area await Inslee’s exit from the H Building.

I found myself looking slightly up at a lady named Shannon Haehn, who stood on one of the benches. After we discussed what Inslee might be telling the nurses, she growled that her granddaughter had missed forty-six days of classes at Mount Baker Junior High School this past year because she refused to wear a mask. Knowing that this thirteen-year-old had two congenital heart defects, the school superintendent refused to make an exception for her. Her cardiologist gave the school a letter stating the need for an exemption, but, according to Shannon, the school lost it. Shannon then gave me the dialogue sequence between her granddaughter and the male, science teacher.

Student: I can’t wear a mask. 

Teacher: But it’s good for your health.

Student: But how would you know if my lips turned blue.

Teacher: It’s the law.

After Inslee lifted his school mask mandate on March 12, Shannon’s granddaughter retuned unmasked. Even though those days missed were marked as unexcused absences, she got straight A’s in all her classes except in science, where the teacher failed her.

As soon as Shannon finished telling me this, spurts of shouting emanated from the other side of the building. With my banner in one hand and my notebook and camera in the other, I sprinted toward the commotion. With each stride I took alongside the building, a rapid fire of insults at Inslee grew louder. Just to my left, one of Inslee’s security guards popped out of his car, held his palm out at me, and yelled, “Stop right there.” I spun around and sprinted to a sidewalk where I felt safe from a trespassing arrest. All the while, the rapid of fire of insults at Inslee roared across the parking lot. Soon after I took a photo of the governor’s set of getaway cars, the cars zoomed out of the parking lot, turned right onto Nome Street, and heading toward the setting sun. The protestors’ heckling fell silent.