Mercola vs NYT

ICWA has long admired Dr. Joseph Mercola. For decades he has provided cutting-edge insights into health and wellness as well as stood up against attacks from big Pharma and the captured federal agencies.

During Covid, the greed and overreach of this corporatocracy has shown the world that legacy media and the U.S. federal agencies can’t be trusted.

As the last shreds of trust crumble, the attacks get larger and louder — but they don’t serve their intended purpose. They merely shine a brighter spotlight on the corruption, and the truth.

The New York Times produced an FX tv special titled “Superspreader” about Dr. Mercola that was released on August 19, 2022. It’s sure to be a classic in the annals of history that future generations will examine as evidence of systemic media corruption. Or it may be considered a classic of behind-the-scenes rebellion against media corruption–because other than the attempts to paint him as a highly successful businessman (why can Pfizer make billions selling a liability-free product that is both defective and dangerous, but Dr. Mercola can’t make millions selling health and wellness products?), the information provided and the tone in which it was said showed Dr. Mercola to be an earnest man, dedicated to providing information to help people make informed decisions.

Were the filmmakers secretly supporters of Dr. Mercola?

The NYT didn’t attempt to prove Dr. Mercola wrong about anything, although a few flashes of opposing viewpoints were shown. Considering that in the past few months, so much about Covid that was once labeled “conspiracy” or “misinformation” has now been proven true–from the origins of SARS-CoV-2 to the ineffectiveness and dangers of the genetic injections, NYT had to attempt an ad hominem attack, which fell flat. And it will likely backfire (on purpose?), bringing Dr. Mercola more fans and customers than ever.

ICWA would like to see NYT do a deep dive on Imran Ahmed and his Center for Countering Digital Hate, interviewed in their show. He appeared out of nowhere just before Covid hit and somehow became the darling of  the pro-vaccine forces. Even President Biden mentioned Ahmed’s famous list he calls the “Disinformation Dozen” (who are our heroes–see the counter to the counter, HERE).Where does his money come from? Who funds him to travel and attack the people who stand for medical freedom and scientific integrity in public health?

Here is a video of Dr. Mercola’s response to the NYT.

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In this David vs Goliath battle, there are billions of Davids.
YOU are David.
Goliath has money . . .
but we Davids have each other and truth.
Truth wins, when we all stand up together.
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