Money talks. Treatments get short-changed.

This pie-chart from the Policy Cures Research speaks volumes.

It’s from their COVID-19 R&D TRACKER UPDATE dated 6 AUGUST 2020. They say about $8.9 billion is going toward COVID-19 R&D, and the product pipeline has at least 938 product candidates.

Only 2% is going to basic research. Say what? How can products ~ especially vaccines ~ be developed for a novel virus before the virus and how it infects are truly understood? Only 5% to drugs to treat COVID-19 patients? And the investment in nutrients, oxidative, oxygen therapies, and off-patent drugs ~ which are actually successfully recovering patients NOW ~ is too small to even be on the chart.

Where does that leave citizens, consumers, and patients? Shut-down, isolated, masked-up. Bankruptcy, depression, loss of friends, hopes, dreams. Needless suffering and death. OR, taking action.

The recovery rate at the population level from COVID-19 is around 99.8%. Preventative measures and effective treatments exist with inexpensive, readily available, non-patentable products, like Vitamin C, D, A, zinc, NAC, steroids, Hydroxychloroquine, and more.

Take Action Now.

Complain to every elected official and public health agency that is IGNORING existing treatment protocols and imposing unsustainable and harmful orders. Tell everyone you know about the existing treatments by sending them to Printables are available for downloading, printing, and distributing everywhere you go.



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