The SOLUTION Summit!

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You are invited to attend an exciting in-person and online event, the COVID CON ‘21 SOLUTION SUMMIT, kicking off October 14th, 15th & 16th from the Church of Glad Tidings in Live Oak, California!

The aim of this special event is to bring EVERYONE TOGETHER so that this NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN! An amazing list of world-renowned speakers is ready to share waves of truth with audiences around the globe to set the record straight and bring forth safe and effective solutions. Whether you can join us in person or online, this is one event you’ll want to be sure and attend. And you can even live stream DAY 1 for FREE from the comfort of your own home (claim your guest pass for DAY 1 now)! 

Plus, USE CODE ICWA to SAVE 10% off COVID CON ‘21 registration. Your generosity will help us fight for you and everyone you love. Every dollar makes a difference! All proceeds will directly fund compassionate education, unbiased science, and well-constructed legal efforts to end this nightmare and ensure that this never happens again!

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