September 18: Second Annual Vaccine Safety Awareness Marathon

From We the Patriots USA comes the Second Annual Vaccine Safety Awareness Marathon.Begins Saturday, September 18 at 7am Pacific/10am Eastern.

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(Times below shown are Pacific/Eastern Time)

7/10am Kickoff with Dawn and Brian

7:30/10:30am Polly Tommey – Producer, Vaxxed & Vaxxed II

8/11am David Oldham – Founder, Constitutional Grounds

9/12pm Leah Wilson, Esq. – Executive Director, Stand for Health Freedom Paul Thomas, M.D.

10/1pm Kim Mack Rosenberg, Esq. – Attorney & Author

11/2pm Alvin Moss, M.D.

12/3pm Jim Meehan, M.D.

1/4pm Ricky Varandas – The Ripple Effect Podcast

1:30/4:30 Stella Immanuel, M.D.

2/5pm Catie Clobes – Parent Activist

3/6pm Kendall Cote – Yale student & PR/Fundraising Coord. for WTP USA

4/7pm Curtis Cost – Author of Vaccines Are Dangerous

5/8pm Sterling Hill – MTHFR Support & Tom Paladino – Scalar Light

5:30/8:30pm Simone Gold, M.D./J.D. – America’s Frontline Doctors

6/9pm Chris Shaw, Ph.D. – Neuroscientist and Researcher

7/10pm Janet Levatin, M.D. – Pediatrician, Tenpenny Integrative Medical Center

7:30/10:30pm Rabbi Michoel Green

8:30/11:30pm Susie Olson-Corgan – Initiatives for Family Health


9pm Saturday/12am Sunday Brian Hooker, Ph.D. – Biologist & Chemist

10pm Saturday/1am Sunday Bernadette Pajer – Public Policy Director, Informed Choice Washington

11pm Saturday/2am Sunday Stephanie Seneff – Senior Research Scientist, M.I.T.

12am/3am Sunday Karl Kanthak – Vaccine Data Analyst

1/4am Dr. Pinky Feinstein – Israeli Psychiatrist

2/5am Legit Bat Podcast Crew (Ben, Jenn, & Joe)

3/6am Ilana Rachel Daniel – Activist/Writer/Health and Wellness Advisor

4/7am Rabbi Henry Morse

5/8am Norm Pattis, Esq. and Cameron Atkinson, Esq. – Of Counsel for WTP USA

5:30/8:30am James Lyons-Weiler, Ph.D. – Founder, IPAK

6:30/9:30am Closing remarks with Dawn and Brian