Support HB 1305!

HB 1305 is a Right to Refuse Bill that protects WA State Citizens from government overreach into personal medical decisions.

The bill states: Regardless of laws, rules, orders, or directives made or promulgated in response to an emergency, including but not limited to a national security emergency, statewide emergency, local or other health emergency, or any peacetime emergency, and regardless of existing laws and rules addressing outbreaks or potential outbreaks or epidemics of contagious, infectious, or communicable disease, individuals retain the right to be free and independent and maintain their inalienable and fundamental right of self-determination to make their own health decisions, including but not limited to the right to refuse the following health-related measures:

  • Medical treatments or procedures; 
  • Testing; 
  • Physical or mental examination; 
  • Vaccination; 
  • Experimental procedures and protocols
  • Collection of specimens;
  • Proving the adequate presence of titers or immunity;
  • Participation in tracking or tracing programs;
  • The wearing of masks;
  • The maintaining of measured distance from other humans and animals that is not otherwise unlawful;
  • The involuntary sharing of personal data or medical  information; and
  • Other recommended or mandated health-related measures.


Comment on the bill HERE.

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