VAERS Updates from Dr. Henry L. Ealy

COVID-19 Vaccine Adverse Events Report

By Dr. Henry L. Ealy

Data Source: Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) 

Data Reported Thru: April 30,2021

In an effort to inform the public regarding the health risks associated with EUA approved COVID vaccines still in ongoing clinical trials, this article will be updated weekly. For more information regarding the ongoing clinical trials readers can go to the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Pfizer-BioNTech clinical trial is currently scheduled to end April 6, 2023.

Moderna-NIH clinical trial is currently scheduled to end October 27, 2022.

Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) clinical trial is currently scheduled to end January 2, 2023.

Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) Requirement To Report

Under EUA, all healthcare providers who administer COVID Vaccines are required to report any adverse events (injuries) to VAERS including any that result in hospitalization or death. 

DEATHS: 4,061 (+321 from Previous Week) Reported COVID Vaccine Related Deaths Nationwide

  • Moderna-NIH – 1,918 (+154)
  • Pfizer-BioNTech – 1,853 (+120)
  • Johnson & Johnson – 271 (+47)
  • Vaccine Unknown – 19 (No Change)
  • Data Source

Note: Most FDA Approved Pharmaceuticals Receive A Black Box Warning After 5 Deaths

Note: Most FDA Approved Pharmaceuticals Are Recalled Within 50 Deaths

INJURIES: 159,432 (+39,198 from Previous Week) Reported COVID Vaccine Related Injuries Nationwide

  • Moderna-NIH – 68,643 (+19,992)
  • Pfizer-BioNTech – 60,898 (+14,645)
  • Johnson & Johnson – 29,370 (+4,211)
  • Vaccine Unknown – 521 (+350)
  • Data Source

BREAKTHRU COVID: 9,245 Reported Positive COVID Cases After Vaccination Nationwide, including 132 deaths

  • Last CDC Update – April 26, 2021
  • Number of States & Territories Reporting – 46 out of 56
  • PCR Cycle Threshold for Testing Vaccinated Samples – 28 or Lower
  • PCR Cycle Threshold for Testing Non-Vaccinated Samples – 40 or Higher
  • Total Number of Samples Tested – Unknown, Data Is Not Published

There are several concerning issues with how COVID Vaccine Breakthru is being termed and tested by the CDC and state health departments. 

First, COVID Vaccine Breakthru is a marketing term that can also be interpreted as COVID Vaccine Failure in such that the vaccine did not confer immunity in the people testing positive following the attempted inoculation. 

Second, there are significant reasons for scientific concern regarding the difference in PCR Cycle Thresholds for Vaccinated Samples versus Non-Vaccinated Samples. A PCR Cycle Threshold set at 40 invites an exponential increase in false positive results above 28, particularly in asymptomatic, or otherwise healthy people. A PCR Cycle Threshold set at 28 eliminates the likelihood of false positive results in instances of symptomatic only testing as currently recommended by the CDC. Why aren’t these two scenarios set at the same Cycle Threshold value? Why aren’t both set to a Cycle Threshold value of 28 to reduce the possibility of false positive results in both instances?

Third, without knowing the total number of samples tested it is mathematically impossible to establish the percentage of people tested for COVID Vaccine Breakthru that were indeed positive. Thus, it is impossible to extrapolate that percentage to the larger percentage of people who have received the COVID Vaccine in order to estimate which larger percentage of people in our society may be protected from COVID and which percentage may not.

Perhaps the best solution is to perform IgG Antibody and T-Cell blood testing on every person 14 days post final dose to ensure the COVID Vaccine worked. Of course, in order to be accurate pre-screening for IgG Antibodies and T-Cells for each COVID Vaccine recipient would have to take place to ensure the person hadn’t already developed immunity to the virus. Perhaps this should be happening already if safety and necessity is at the forefront of public health decision making?

ICWA note: CDC announced it is no longer going to report total numbers of reported Breakthru cases. Their reasoning is illogical. Without total COVID-19 cases in those considered fully vaccinated, the actual effectiveness of the products cannot be determined. Whatever happened to the promised transparency?

Additional COVID Vaccine Related Nationwide Data Reported By VAERS

  • Deaths Within 0-1 Days of Injection – 1,529 (+305 From Previous Week)
  • Spontaneous Abortions, Fetal Deaths, Premature Labors – 115 (Not Updated) 
  • Deaths In Low Risk Ages (0 to 39) – 102 (+10 From Previous Week)  
  • Deaths In High Risk Ages (60 & Up) – 3,022 (+217 From Previous Week)
  • People Hospitalized Post Inoculation – 11,195 (+3,031 From Previous Week)
  • Data Source

From a scientific perspective, correlation does not equate to causation. However, where there is frequent injury and death there must be thorough and transparent investigation of medical products still in ongoing clinical trial before causation can be ruled out with any measure of medical certainty.

Currently the CDC is asserting that there is no proof of causation and that the EUA approved COVID vaccines, still in ongoing clinical trials, are effective. However, the CDC has not been forthcoming with the length of their investigation or internal reports for each case to date. A typical review of causation by a licensed medical examiner can take several weeks on average.

Therefore, for the CDC to state that every reported injury and death has been thoroughly investigated and no causation has been established stretches reasonable scientific credibility with tens of thousands of new reports each week coming from licensed medical practitioners as required under EUA requirements.

I encourage all people considering the use of any medical product to inform themselves and ask their primary care physician about the risks and benefits of the medical product before deciding to agree to, or respectfully decline the medical product as protected by the Patient Bill of Rights supported by the American Medical Association and all major professional healthcare associations.

  • Why Are The COVID Vaccines Eligible For FDA Approval Before Their Clinical Trials Are Completed?
  • Do Safer & More Effective Treatment Options Exist?
  • Where Did The SARS-COV-2 Virus Come From?

We’ve all suffered. And now we deserve answers to these key questions and more.

In loving memory of John Medved

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