Why We Must End Public-Private Partnerships with Pharma

The draft document shown below was found in a Public Records Request.
When our WA State Department of Health partners with the Drug Companies that stand to profit from the sales of the products they are promoting, as well as the products targeted at vaccine-injured children, such as asthma and allergy medications, then we have a major problem with conflict-of-interest and the corporate capture of our taxpayer-funded public health agency.

It is highly unethical for Pfizer to fund an incentive program to reward WIC recipients for showing proof of full completion of vaccination. All children require individualized medical care. No medical procedure should be coerced in any way.

Did you know that every single one of the members of the Washington State Department of Health Vaccine Advisory Committee has an undeclared conflict of interest? Those conflicts range from their salaries being dependent in some way from the sale or uptake of vaccines to membership in associations funded by Pharma.

Michele Roberts has several major conflicts, written about by a professor of ethics. Dr. Jenny Arnold is the Director of Pharmacy Practice Development for the Washington State Pharmacy Association. They fail to understand the term “conflict of interest” and why policies against it exist.

This document, and the conflicts here in WA, represent what is happening at the federal level at HHS, CDC, and FDA. This is happening globally. The travesty of the FDA giving Emergency Use Authorization to Pfizer’s experimental Covid-19 vaccine, followed by the ACIP’s now recommending that product to those sixteen and over in the U.S., despite the doctors and scientists the world over who filed their safety concerns, and despite the lack of necessity, reveals those agencies and all of public health must be separated from corporate influence, partnership, and control. We are being sold to Pharma.

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