We’ve heard it was coming, but this week it began — full blown censorship of anything critical of vaccines, critical of how the CDC and NIH are handling COVID19.

Today, without warning or explanation, Youtube removed the entire THE HIGHWIRE with Del Bigtree channel – one of the most popular and hard-hitting internet news shows. Each week, the Highwire team brings doctors, scientists, lawyers, and activists from around the world to viewers. But Del and his team do far more than investigative journalism, they inspire and empower people around the world, leading the way for truth to be seen, for corruption to be exposed, and for the entire mess that is the corporate capture of our medical system and oversight agencies to be revealed. Change is coming. It’s going to get crazy for awhile, but then it will get awesome.

Highwire is alive and well and you can still watch – just head over to the Highwire website where they will be live-streaming new shows, and getting you access to your old favorites.

Censorship also hit medical doctors this week.

A group called America’s Frontline Doctors held a summit in Washington D.C. and in a press conference told the world that the covid fear campaigns must end, that there is an effective, existing, affordable treatment and it’s called HCQ — hydroxychloroquine.  They talked about the science supporting HCQ, and the fraud and the corruption keeping that inexpensive drug from the American people. That press conference video was seen by more than 17 million viewers and shared more than 600,000 times, crushing records, before Facebook took it down. And Youtube took it down. And then the doctor’s new website was removed and the CDC picked up a shovel to dig themselves deeper into trouble by BUYING the same domain name only with a “.org” instead of a “.com” and directed it to their own site. Google made sure they got seen .

Is this the America you know and love? Freedom of speech? Freedom of the press? Freedom of opinion? Medical freedom?

Individuals have uploaded the press conference to alternative hosting sites.

View three hours of their summit below.

ICWA has been reporting about HCQ for months. While we prefer all-natural treatments, such as the successful nutrient and oxygen therapies Dr. Brownstein et al describes in his case series, we understand that some people want a drug solution. We simply want everyone to have access to SAFE & EFFECTIVE existing treatments, to have their fully informed medical choices respected, so they can recover, and we can all get back to living.


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